Small Business Spotlight with Mosaic Marketing

Your Host: Marcel Blanchet

Small Business Spotlight is a show that gives small businesses a spotlight to discuss their business activities. The show will also bring forward various business experts with the focus of discussing the best business practices that are available in today's competitive market.


The host of the show is Marcel Blanchet with Mosaic Marketing. Each episode will spotlight a small business or a specific business development strategy.


The discussion will be about growing a business and making it successful using best practices, marketing techniques, financial management, and long-term business strategies.


Episode 1 with guest John “Cadillac” Saville

Small Business Spotlight with Mosaic Marketing Episode 1 with guest John “Cadillac” Saville,  an on-air radio personality, a DJ, a wellness coach, and a championship bodybuilder. The host Marcel P. Blanchet and his guest discuss what it is to be a champion and the success of winning and how John Saville and Mosaic Marketing use this concept to bring the best out of a small business. John Saville talks about his bodybuilding training, how he got into radio as one of the hottest radio personalities in Connecticut and how businesses can benefit from using a radio and T.V. commercial spokesperson.  John talks about how Mosaic Marketing helped him and his entertainment company, "John Saville Entertainment" https://www.johncaddyman.com to build his brand. Some great stories of on-air encounters with rocks and country stars, marketing techniques, and advertising products. "This is the first episode and if this is how it starts it's only going to get better, I love Mosaic Marketing, Printing and Signage, thank you" - John “Cadillac” Saville. Visit https://marketingnearme.biz to find out more about Mosaic Marketing and Advertising.

Episode 2 with guest Al Canosa

5 Secrets to a Successful Business

The 5 Secrets to a Successful Business - Episode 2 - Host Marcel Blanchet of Small Business Spotlight with Mosaic Marketing interviews guest Al Canosa as they discuss the principles of business success and the 5 secrets that every small business owner should consider. 

AL Canosa goes through each guiding principle with stories of his over 50 years in business and the CEO of a New York Stock Exchange Public International Corporation.

Now, AL Canosa the president and CEO of Mosaic Marketing he will be reviewing the 5 Secrets to a Successful Business in the new 2021 business climate.


Using the consistency of purpose, knowing what to do, and then doing it and not being afraid of failure. The duo discusses ideas on the future and having the sense to anticipate the next best thing by developing the ability to see things as they might be, not simply as they are.