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John Caddy Man Saville: Brand Ambassador




CASE STUDY: In the hard-hit COVID Day Spa Industry, the local owners came to Mosaic in need of Digital Marketing expertise to help them sell Gift Certificates in the month of Dec 2020.

Mosaic put a PPC (Paid Per Click Campaign) in place, which brought in 18,000 visitors to their website in one month. 


They sold more Gift Certificates in Dec 2020 than any prior year, even Pre COVID.


This is what we can do for you!



Construction Business

The client had an outdated website that required a complete makeover. The old site was very old with no SEO and was not mobile-friendly.

Mosaic developed a fresh look, mobile-friendly, SEO site that also has aerial construction site video. Very impressive! 


Happy customer!

Branford ItalianAmerican.png

Italian-American Club of Branford

The client had an outdated website that required a complete makeover. The old site was very old with no SEO and was not mobile-friendly.

Mosaic developed a fresh look, mobile-friendly, SEO site.


One of the client's key requirements was to develop a message that contained The Heritage of the Italian-American People. The client was very impressed with the Mosaic approach in this regard.

Mosaic not only created the website, but Mosaic also created The Heritage content.


Happy customer!


Veteran Professional Entertainer wanted a modern website to help expand his business

An award-winning radio personality who’s been in the business since 1980 and is currently on-air for iHeart radio with Hartford’s Country 92.5 and The River 105.9, and KISS 95.7, wants to continue the growth of his Brand.

John Cadillac Saville is also a well-known professional entertainer who has long given back to local events as an emcee/DJ through his company, John Saville Entertainment.

“I needed to reach more clients and develop my Brand I am confident that the Mosaic Marketing Team will help me accomplish my goals,” says John.


Local Nonprofit needed a newly updated website

The established Nonprofit had an outdated website and to matters worst the person who managed the website passed on so all passwords were not available.

Mosaic Marketing stepped in and created a new website with SEO which included donation capabilities, modern design, and is mobile-friendly.

The new site was up within 4 weeks.

Another Happy Client, they were able to launch this new site ahead of schedule.


Now, how good is this?

New Business Start-Up 

Jim Doenges came to Mosaic with a new business concept in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a means to give the public a method of safe interaction to achieve their design goals for their gardens.

Jim needed a new website with a new brand and business model. Mosaic was there to help Jim bring his vision to reality.

Take a look at his outstanding website.

Be careful the legend says the Greenman with talk to you if you look at him long enough!


Home Heating Company Needed Branding & New Website

Established Home Heating Fuel Delivery Company this is what they had to say:

"Thank you to the Mosaic Team for a fantastic web design job well done. Your ability to work with us 'to turn our lemons into lemonade' is remarkable and very professional. With attention to detail, your response to our questions and suggestions, your recommendations, and the ability to produce our website to our satisfaction with a quick turn-a-round is valuable. We look forward to continuing our business with Mosaic into the future and will recommend your services at every opportunity. "


Startup Woman-Owned Building Protection Company:

Needed New Website & Branding 

The startup building protection company needed to make the right impression with a modern website and logo. Mosaic got the job done for this company and they are on their way to success. Take a look at the new website

Another project delivered on time, on budget, and resulted in a Happy Customer!!

Glass Blowing

New Website

The client has a very unique business and needed a modern website. The site required an e-commerce component in order to market Glass Golf Putters.


Mosaic developed a fresh look, mobile-friendly site that also was e-commerce capable.


Happy customer!

Old Wire Company Needed a New Modern Website

The client has a very old-line business that markets metal hose for industrial use within the refrigeration, armored wire hose, and flexible house market segments.

The site required an e-commerce order component in order to sell its products.


This is the only method of sale the client uses and Mosaic was knowledgeable to assist this client in solving this issue.

Mosaic developed a fresh look, mobile-friendly site that is e-commerce capable. Mosaic was on time on budget.


Another Happy Customer!

Good morning Al,

I cannot tell you how happy Carole and I are with our website. Lucia’s attention to the details of the products we provide was amazing. She understood my details, picture and suggestions and if she did not she asked me to clarify. I know I asked for changes along the way and Lucia was more than accommodating. We are happy to say that you are now one of our vendors. It will be our privilege to send referrals for web page design, printing and marketing services.


An outstanding job by all.




Anaconda Universal Associates, LLC