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Email Marketing



Mosaic’s approach to email focuses on maximizing your conversions with personalized email at scale. Our email marketing experts analyze, develop, and optimize your current strategy.

By gathering all available data for your target audience, we create advanced segments to deliver a truly personalized conversation experience for recipients. Each email effort has a specific focus with a clear call-to-action (CTA) that yields results.


The best way to drive email engagement is to create a consistent and seamless experience for your email recipients after they click your CTA with personalized forms and landing pages. Our team can help you build custom email sign-up forms and landing pages to grow your list to maximize conversions.

Mosaic Team will create custom personalized landing pages that can be updated dynamically across marketing channels. Starting 1-to-1 conversations across your marketing efforts drives improved conversion rates and happier customers when you create a holistic user experience.


Creating and deploying effective email newsletters not only keeps your contacts informed but also serves as a valuable lead generation tool. Our team of email experts can help you craft the perfect email newsletter template for your company’s needs.


Mosaic focuses on executing the right timing, design, and tone of your newsletters so you can increase open rates and ultimately conversions. Mosaic makes it easy to build templates and to test different designs and copy to improve and optimize your newsletters. Our strength is implementing effective, technology-backed programs for clients.


Email and Social Media Marketing efforts working in conjunction provide a powerful uniform message across channels and will drive increased traffic to your website and overall brand awareness. Mosaic can seamlessly integrate your email campaigns with your social media efforts to maximize your impact.


We ensure that your campaigns’ look and feel are consistent across channels and executed at the right time. Whether you’re using email to promote sharing on social media, or using social media to grow your subscriber list, we make sure these two channels complement each other in the most natural way possible.


The ability to analyze the successes and failures of your email efforts is crucial to improve and take your email programs to the next level. Mosaic's email specialists can provide you with hard data and a full analysis of your email programs’ effectiveness.


Mosaic providing you with a visual view of statistics and interactions with targets in real-time. Our dashboard can be personalized with the key metrics and data that are most important to you. When you can compare the overall performance of your email marketing initiatives, it empowers you to identify trends, activity, and growth.


Mosaic entered the digital marketing world during the fall of Print and the Rise of Digital, so we’ve experienced the benefits of each different channel. For this reason, we know the pros and cons of each, however, when combined provide even stronger marketing results.


Mosaic allows you to run consistent Print & Digital Email Campaigns that can interact with one another. If someone fills out a mailer, they can receive an automated email welcome series. We can provide custom personalized Landing Page QR Codes or links to make the results of your mailers even stronger.

The old mantra of one channel vs the other is out; Do Print and Digital together.

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