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Mosaic takes a strategic approach to drive the highest attendance for your event as possible to maximize your opportunities for success. Mosaic's team will make sure your website has a dedicated, optimized area for promoting the event and selling tickets, and assist in the development, design, and format to share the event’s highlights, its detailed agenda, and all other relevant information to build up the hype.


Mosaic’s social media team focuses on creating the event’s Facebook page and generating a buzz about the event across platforms, including developing easy social share buttons for your event page to spread awareness. We can also build custom-designed, fully optimized forms and landing pages on your website specifically for the event.

Our goal is to help you make your event a lead generation machine from the get-go. We closely track sign-ups and landing page interactions from the beginning so you can build your list in the best way possible. Our team is capable of highly personalized drip email campaigns. By sending personalized automated reminders before the event, you’ll create a unique experience for attendees before they even arrive for the event.


Engaging with attendees while the event is in action is a huge key to your marketing success. Mosaic empowers digital interaction as a seamless part of the event experience for attendees, enabling social media to create a positive experience for attendees both in-person and online during the event.

Mosaic’s experts prioritize your attendees’ experience by closely monitoring their social media activity related to the event and responding to them in real-time. We encourage audience feedback and participation using real-time tweets/posts using the hashtag we created for the event. The overall online buzz generated about the event is powerful because it raises awareness about your company and your future events.


When the event is over, Mosaic provides advanced analytics to help understand which marketing touchpoints made your event successful and which have room for improvement so you can create the best possible marketing campaigns in the future.

Mosaic creates advanced email automation campaigns to re-target satisfied event-goers with messaging about future events and to promote sharing with friends and re-engage those who have lost interest. Through post-event email surveys and follow-up messages, we’ll help you extend interactions, paving the way for even better attendance and customer interactions at your future events, and most importantly, leveraging the valuable business leads and insights gained via your event to grow the top of your marketing funnel.

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