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Pay per Click



Mosaic’s team can help you plan and execute a cohesive and successful Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign through Google Ads.  Before getting started, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your current paid media efforts, analyze your competition, and research to identify the best strategies to implement.

Mosaic will assist in determining your ad campaign’s cost per click (CPC), expected conversion rate, and predicted volume for the campaign. Using that knowledge we can create, implement, and optimize your ad campaigns within your set budget. Mosaic will devise a realistic and efficient PPC marketing plan that produces real results.


Google ads are an inexpensive and effective way to create awareness about your business. We set up and manage the ads for you. Strategic search ads can place your website before organic Google search results. Mosaic manages your Google Search Ads campaign to take the guesswork out of setting and maximizing your daily budget. Our conversion-focused approach ensures that you’re targeting the perfect keywords for your prospective customers.


Our professional copywriters craft conversion-focused ad copy and we create custom URLs for each search ad for stronger analytics. We create and A/B test each corresponding landing page to determine the best design for driving higher conversion rates. With our experts managing your campaign, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most out of your advertising dollars.


Our team of experts creates and designs responsive display ads that showcase the key selling points of your products with the right images and messaging to capture your target audience’s attention. Mosaic will customize your ad to match the goals of your advertising effort, whether it be brand awareness, event or product promotion, or lead generation.

Mosaic establishes your target audience and only shows ads at ideal times that our target audience is likely to interact to improve your ROI. You can choose whether you want to send traffic to your website’s home page, or a personalized landing page specifically created for the campaign. Our specialists track and report on all interactions with the ads, as we closely monitor and report on your key performance indicators to improve your results as the campaign evolves.


Video can be one of the most engaging forms of content to promote your business. After in-depth video keyword research and audience evaluation, we help clients devise a budget and target audience.

Based on demographic, geographic and behavioral research of your target audience, Mosaic launches video campaigns that show ads when buyer-intent is highest, including buying behavior shifts due to factors such as events and milestones.

Mosaic constantly monitors campaign analytics and track the progress of your campaign to strategize video remarketing efforts to improve your likelihood of conversions in the future. We’ll adjust your video advertising strategy based on the success of your campaign and frequently check in with you about your budget and ROI.


Retargeting (sometimes referred to as remarketing) captures the attention of warm leads and repeat buyers who have previously expressed interest in your product or service and are ready to convert to customers. Retargeting display ads that appear when your targets visit other sites can catch them at the perfect moment and drive them to make a purchase. We identify users who have spent time on your website but did not reach a conversion.

Whether they abandoned their carts or viewed specific pages in your site, we can help you re-engage with them in a natural, personalized way. Our mission is to help you get the highest click-through-rates for your ads and increase conversions with every online advertising dollar you spend. We tailor our retargeting strategy to your specific audience to achieve the right amount of repeated exposure.


Personalized custom landing pages produce better response rates and convert more targets into customers. When landing pages are built specifically for an exclusive offer, targets are more likely to take action. With landing page messaging customized to the individual profiles of your targets, you can increase the conversion rate of your ad campaign significantly.


Mosaic makes it easy to create these fully customized landing pages that increase the ROI of your efforts. Increase the revenue you can produce per user and maximize your advertising budget. Through our data-backed research, Mosaic will help build optimized landing pages for your targets based on users’ interactions with your ads and landing pages. We have an ongoing process of testing and optimization to refine your landing pages as your strategy evolves.

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