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Mosaic’s keyword research process starts with a comprehensive plan for targeting keywords to determine the highest ROI search terms that are the most attainable for your client/customer base. We focus on long-tail keywords in your niche that help you gain the most visibility in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

By analyzing your website and evaluating your end goals, we identify the most natural way to incorporate the right keywords into your content. Then, we update all elements of each webpage, blog post, product, and image on your website. Instead of trying to piece together your list of keywords on your own, you can count on us to guide your keyword research strategy to produce tangible results.


In our extremely competitive digital world, you need accurate insights into the strategies that your competitors use to succeed. We can help you gain an advantage over your rivals by identifying and seizing the opportunities to stand out for certain keywords. By finding keywords with high search volume that aren’t as frequently targeted by competitors in your field, we help you rank higher in a cost-effective way.

Mosaic SEO specialists can summarize your competitive landscape and tell you the actionable steps needed to get ahead. We ensure that your keywords match your targets’ search intent. Most importantly, we track the progress of targeting these competitive terms and their key metrics.


Our mission is to ensure your website is as SEO and user-friendly as possible. After performing the full website audit and keyword research, we use proven methods to expand your online visibility and generate leads. We can update all internal links, titles, text, meta descriptions, and images to make your site easily searchable for your desired keywords. We also correct all broken images and provide them with alt attributes wherever they are missing.

The more valuable, fully optimized content you have on your website, the better it is for your on-page SEO efforts. The importance of high-quality on-page content cannot be underestimated. Our team can help you produce the kind of content your target audience will want to see to drive them to your website and heighten their interest in your product or services.

Mosaic can write keyword-focused, high-quality blog articles or other types of content to improve your on-page SEO. Most importantly, we keep you informed on the progress of your campaign every step of the way. We know firsthand that SEO tactics and Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving. Our team meticulously tracks your key performance metrics (KPIs) data throughout the on-page optimization process. We re-evaluate and re-adjust your campaign strategy to help your website achieve optimal results.


Improving your digital presence across the internet is our top priority. By launching focused link building campaigns, we can build your company’s online reputation and site authority using our research-based approach increasing our clients’ legitimate backlinks.

Mosaic submits your content to global blogs, review sites, and global search engines to create a series of valuable “backlinks”. We can enable you to rank higher in search results in a sustainable way by helping you steadily increase your traffic to your site, social media mentions, and ultimately conversions.

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